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Have a Purposeful & Mindfulness Life

By | Amit R | Attracting Talent and Creating Value I Talent Strategist I NLP Coach I OD Practitioner

In our life many times, we are so much focused on our goals that we do forget the journey. The goal is important but more important is a journey. Imagine our favorite food as an analogy for the way that people live their lives.

Favorite Restaurant Food – On the weekend you are enjoying outside, suddenly decide to have food outside only, you enjoy the food but found that taste is unpleasant & it’s really unhealthy also due to use of excessive oil, Spices, etc. People who are miserable or not so generous and not at all working towards anything to improve the same for their life. They accept & happy as it is.

Healthy Food – You enjoyed & reached home & order healthy food for the entire family, after finishing up, you realize that taste is unpleasant but still you are happy as it is health, so somehow you convince yourself. People who are miserable but they are working hard to improve & growing in their life.

Fast Food – You reach home & nearby home, you take some fast food like Pizza, fries or any of your choice. Now after finishing this, you found the taste is good but its same is unhealthy for you. These are the people who only believe in living at present and not allowing themselves for any thought for changing & grooming for growing in the life to achieve any success.

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