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Have No Questions for the Hiring Manager? Here’s What to Ask

By | Cheryl Lock |

At some point in a job interview—usually toward the end—the hiring manager may ask, “Now, do you have any questions for me?” You’ve likely heard that it’s important to head into every job interview prepared with some questions, as this shows you’re genuinely interested in the job, but what if you have nothing to ask? What if, perhaps, all of your questions were already answered?

If you’re drawing a blank as you’re preparing for your interview, you might be wondering if you have to try and come up with something. Or, is it acceptable to say you don’t have any questions? How will that reflect on your investment in the position and the company? We asked a hiring manager for their thoughts.

Brainstorming Questions When You Don’t Have Any

You should always try to ask at least one question,” the hiring manager replied. It shows engagement, involvement, and forethought—all positives when you’re hoping to get hired. But when you’re genuinely stuck, spend some time brainstorming the following before heading into the interview. They may help you think outside of the obvious and showcase your engagement with the position and the company.

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