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Have You Developed Any Innovative Solution Relevant To Construction? #Wehelpu2grow

Source | LinkedIn | PRAKASHAN B V

Construction companies need to utilize cutting edge technology with courage and conviction to break out of the conventional trap.Traditionally, construction industry is an isolated segment.In many areas unfortunately we still operate with age old methodologies irrespective of what is happening around.But not anymore maybe! There is already a slow change happening in terms of narrowing the gap with other industries when it comes to incorporating the benefits of technological innovations and other recent developments including adopting more sustainable measures.

Let us take a quick look on what are some of the new and emerging areas in construction industry that would well equip those involved in the process in a better manner resulting in facilitating otherwise laborious & labor intensive process of construction.

#Use of Nanotechnology?

 Development of nanotechnology has resulted in Carbon nano tubes that are so light and at the same time very strong.They can be embedded into other building materials like metals, concrete, wood and glass to add density and required tensile strength. Engineers are even experimenting with nano-scale sensors that can monitor stresses inside building materials and identify potential fractures or cracks before they occur.

#Drones in construction?

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