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Having Children Destroyed My Career

Source | LinkedIn : By Travis Chambers

My career was on the up and up. I was a millennial star, my gross over-estimation of my talent and value and stereotypical changing of companies every year was working very well as a strategy. I was always more valuable to someone else, whether or not I was ready for the job. Finally the strategy caught up to me. I was making a healthy six figures and directing creative and social media for promoting feature film releases at 20th Century Fox. I was doing almost exactly what I had told my parents I wanted to do when I was 12, “Dad, I wanna be the guy that makes the commercials for the movies.” I was a really weird 12 year-old.

I was charging hard, putting in 70+ hours a week, totally in over my head, but determined to fake it til I made it.

Then my first child came.

Everything went haywire. Because I was new I couldn’t take any time off. My wife was taking on 95% of the workload that comes with a baby. I was getting requests from work at 11pm that were due by 8am, I was working until 2am every night and starting in again at 6am most days, including weekends. I was ducking out in the middle of church to handle requests. The dream of a big shot Hollywood job had become an absolute nightmare because of this adorable little girl. This adorable little girl who made me realize how miserable I was in my glamorous job, how incredibly unimportant my work was with David Fincher’s 30th revision to move copy 1 pixel to the right on our Twitter profile skin for “Gone Girl,” a script I actually despised so much that I never even watched the movie.

This little adorable baby girl absolutely decimated my career. I couldn’t stay focused, I was dolling out excuses for lack of performance constantly, I wasn’t attentive on conference calls and would get caught ignoring conversations red-handed constantly. I was exhausted. I was failing my employer and failing my wife even worse. My life was a disaster and I was missing out on all of my daughter’s firsts.

Then I got fired.

Well, laid off gently and very courteously with a far-too generous severance.

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