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Hazards of Retention

Source | LinkedIn : By Kenneth Oswin Lean

Employee retention is one of the yardsticks that HR professionals use to measure the success in a corporation. I believe so precisely given the costs involved in the process of retention. But let us move a step closer – ‘who’ is being retained?

 In my humble consulting and corporate experience I have encountered many an instance when retention has become a hazard to an organisation; however, this has not made me ignore those who have been with an organisation for long, and have kept changing their roles – they are indeed a rare breed. Taking a closer look, the people who leave a organisation are a lot more valuable than those retained. This is a reality that we need to acknowledge hands down, even if reluctantly. When people are retained, even their roles get retained and remain curated along with them and by them – resulting in poor succession planning. Allow me to explain, in some of the organisations I consult I see their attrition rates are in single digits, but their potential matrix is significantly weak. Why? Simply because when people stay in their jobs too long, they nicely warm up seats; agility is lost in the process and potential performers are lost due to average managers.

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