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Healing Anger With Bach Flower Therapy

Anger can be a result of pent-up or unresolved issues, trauma or even a symptom of seemingly unrelated issues like depression

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Underneath the veneer of serenity and suavity lies a pool of simmering anger and aggression. Conditioned by societal dictates of not ever showing it and being polite and modest, it remains buried waiting for a weak moment to erupt and show its fiery face. Often leading to impaired relationships and damaged image. At a physical level, especially if it remains unhealed and lies repressed, it manifests in diseases like gastritis, hypertension, cardiac conditions and even cancer.

While most leave there anger unaddressed, letting the world bear its brunt, there are some who are concerned and look for solutions to address their anger. Anger management programs, cognitive behaviour therapy, counselling, psychotherapy, meditation and many such modalities are tried to help manage anger. While these modalities are effective, to varying degrees in helping to manage anger, they probably do not heal it from the root, which often lies hidden in the unconscious.

Welcome to the world of Bach Flower therapy – a therapy that aims to heal emotional and mental conditions from the root. Carried out with the help of 38 vibrational remedies made from floral extracts, discovered by Dr. Edward Bach in early 90s, it’s absolutely safe, without any side effect or risk of over dosage. And yet Bach Flower therapy is one of the most potent therapies that can, with the help of these remedies and close to 4 million combinations, heal almost all mental and emotional conditions.

In Bach Flower therapy there are no standard protocols. You cannot buy a remedy for anger, off-the-shelf and expect to be healed. It involves thorough diagnosis through consultation, careful selection of remedies, crafting customized composite(s) and periodical review.

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