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Healthy Buildings – How Indoor Spaces Drive Performance and Productivity

By | Joseph G. Allen | John D. Macomber

“This book should be essential reading for all who commission, design, manage, and use buildings-indeed anyone who is interested in a healthy environment.” -Norman Foster A forensic investigator of “sick buildings” and Director of Harvard’s Healthy Buildings Program teams up with a CEO-turned-Harvard Business School professor to reveal the secrets of a healthy building-and unlock one of the greatest business opportunities of our time. By the time you reach eighty, you will have spent seventy-two years of your life indoors. Like it or not, humans have become an indoor species. This means that the people who design, build, and maintain our buildings can have a major impact on our health. Ever feel tired during a meeting? That’s because most offices and conference rooms are not bringing in enough fresh air. When that door opens, it literally breathes life back into the room. But there is a lot more acting on your body that you can’t feel or see. From our offices and homes to our schools and hospitals, the indoor spaces where we work, learn, play, eat, and heal have an outsized influence on our performance and well-being.

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