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Help Employees Improve Focus, Reduce Stress with Mindfulness

Source | | Chance York, Mindfulness Instructor, Wellbeats

The world is filled with noise, both literal and metaphorical, and there are times when everyday distractions make it difficult or impossible to focus on the task at hand. Consider that, on average, employees check their e-mail 36 times an hour and spend 2 hours each day just recovering from distractions. For many, those disruptions cause stress, which may lead to headaches, fatigue, depression, drug and alcohol abuse, and social withdrawal.


Employers will never be able to eliminate workday noise on behalf of their workers, but many have discovered the value of mindfulness for improving focus. Mindfulness helps employees combat distractions by teaching them to understand their feelings in the moment. That allows them to change their relationship with distractions and focus attention where it’s most valuable, thereby increasing capability and reducing stress.

There are many paths to mindfulness. Even just turning off pop-ups and push notifications can remove significant sources of distraction. For more thorough implementation of mindfulness practices, however, employers may consider offering resources designed to help employees reclaim their time from autopilot. Here are a few considerations employers can follow to introduce mindfulness instruction for their employees.

Consistency Trumps Duration

Just as regular piano practice builds a musician’s skills, mindfulness has benefits that compound over time. With enough repetition, mindfulness can even change the structure of our brains to reduce stress, boost resiliency, and increase empathy.

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