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Help! My Boss Is Terrible, What Do I Do?

Source | LinkedIn : By Avinash Kaushik

I’m sure like me, you feel for “Sam.” I’m sure you can relate to him because you work very hard, and often feel that someone is standing in your way. That someone often is a boss (and this is hard for me to say as a People Leader myself!).

If you have a terrible boss, your strategy for dealing with it rests on two variables: Can you change jobs? How much flexibility do you have in your job scope/from your company?

Let’s look at the combination of those two variables to determine the optimal next steps:

1. You can’t change your job, but have a little flexibility.

In most companies this is quite true, you have some flexibility in how you spend time. If yes, look for work in other divisions in the company that you’ll find to be interesting – either directly related to what you were hired to do or in an area you feel is a core competence for you. Take on a 10% or 20% effort in that area (away from your current boss/team).

This in practice means your job moves to being 110%. But, small price to pay.

Bottom-line: You get to escape from the near constant worries about your current boss, and you are likely creating a path to taking on a different role in the near-future if you prove yourself.

2. You can’t change your job and you have no flexibility.

Look for something you can do outside of work.

I had a fabulous boss at that time, but I started my blog on analytics and marketing as a way to both share the knowledge I’d been so lucky to accumulate, and to have a platform where I could say/do what I liked (regardless of corporate job reality). Over the years, it has served me very well as a place to express my passion and be happy, even in the not-too-rare times when work was not a happy existence.

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