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Here are 5 strategies to make virtual meetings more engaging

By | Ashton Jackson |

The ongoing pandemic has changed the way many Americans view work, with over 50% of employees preferring to split their time working in the office and at home.

However, problems like virtual meeting fatigue and tech issues are causing many workers to become disengaged in hybrid and remote environments. CNBC Make It spoke with Jim Szafranski, CEO of communications software company Prezi, about the top concerns among hybrid workers.

In their Hybrid Work Survey, Prezi interviewed over 1,000 hybrid office workers and found that more engaging environments and creating interpersonal relationships were most important in the hybrid office.

Based on the findings, here are five ways to make virtual meetings better:

1. More immersive video meeting experiences

Though there are several perks to hybrid work environments, such as more flexibility and freedom, it can be hard to cultivate interpersonal work relationships. Virtual workers can also feel disengaged due to “impersonal screen share,” according to Szafranski.

“Working over 2D video environments can make people feel more like observers of the show called ‘work,’ as opposed to participants,” Szafranski says. “People want to be part of the experience and have an impact.”

Utilizing tools such as stickers and virtual backgrounds allows for a more interpersonal remote experience. Professionals in the Forbes Business Council also found that creating space for an “informal atmosphere” with jokes and fun questions helped boost meeting morale this year.

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