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Here are Google, Amazon and Facebook’s Secrets to Hiring the Best People


Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Google, Amazon. These top tech companies each receive over a quadrillion resumes per year (source needed). So it’s safe to say they have a good process for choosing the best job candidates. But what is it?

No, it’s not that list of popular Google interview questions you Googled on Google. In fact, their finely tuned hiring process goes way beyond rudimentary queries on algorithms and quantum physics.

If you, too, want to hire the world’s best top tech talent, try one of these secret hiring strategies.


Begin phone screens 15 minutes early, 15 minutes late, or not at all

Hiring Secrets 1


To find people who are always ready for the job

Anyone can answer a series of probing questions when you call them at the expected time. But what happens if you call them when they’re still sleeping, in Zumba class, or on the toilet? This is how the top tech companies find people who are ready for the job at any moment.


Make the interview schedule as confusing and unpredictable as possible

Hiring Secrets 2


To find people who don’t need instructions

Make sure that neither the interviewers or interviewees have any idea what’s going to happen during the interview. This is a great indicator of who will perform best when no one has any clue what’s going on.

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