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Here is a muffin that will make you successful”: The unspoken truth about success

Source |  | Swati Jena,  Harvard II XLRI II Pearson II PwC II Entreprenuer

Ofcourse there is no such thing (I mean the muffin that makes you successful, unless you bought it from the same guy who sold Jack his Beanstalk).

But it is amazing and slightly worrying how much the word “success” means to us. I see every other article and book and just about everything is bundled with it ..

“5 skills that will make you successful”

“10 life-hacks that will make you successful”

“7 traits that will make you a successful leader”

“Character strengths that will make your child successful”


As if success is this all-encompassing parameter that decides the usefulness of everything

Is there something wrong with it – wanting to be successful?


But what might be worth reflecting upon, is whether this pursuit of success is an outcome of a conscious choice or is it the result of mindless submission to the established status-quo of our times.

Sometimes the truest evidence of what we value is reflected in the choices we make for our children.

And many of us are choosing success at the cost of everything else for our children.

Very recently the Mirinda – Release the Pressure Ad struck a chord with millions in the country. Why? Because we know that in varying degrees many of us have gone through this and those who are in their adolescence continue to experience it.

Are these parents villains?

Ofcourse not. They are normal people, who probably want to ensure that their children grow up to have a “good life”, and think this is the best way to get it done. What often gets overlooked in the discussion of such issues (which only begin as examination pressure but never end with it), is looking deeper into the value-system that drives these behaviors.


So firstly, success is not a goal. Success is a value-system

Secondly, it is one we have made many unvalidated assumptions about. There is a whole lot of unspoken truth about how we allow success to play out in our lives

Unspoken Truth #1: ‘Happiness’ and ‘Satisfaction’ are poorer cousins of ‘Success’

People who rant about happiness and satisfaction fall into one of these 3 categories:

– Those who could not achieve success despite trying

– Those who have the ability but “lack ambition”

– Those who already had more than enough of success

In any case the Happiness File comes up for consideration in our lives only after we have carefully poured over the pages of theSuccess Dossier

Following questions may be worth asking:

  • As adults, how much of our attention is focused on any other goal apart from success on a day to day basis? (Not time spent on entertainment or rest, but in active pursuit of another goal)
  • Who do we aspire to become like more – from among our friends and family – the ones who are happy or the ones who are successful? The question is “who do we aspire to become” – not “who we like more”

We LIKE happy people. But we WANT TO BE LIKE successful people


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