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Here is how cloud telephony helps you manage your business effortlessly!

By | Jyoti Saini | Sr. Digital Marketing Executive | CallHippo

50% of businesses fail in the first year only. Running a business is not a cakewalk. It’s a bed of roses. You need to recruit resources that are comprehensive and cost-effective to minimize investment burden and increase ROI.

Cloud telephony is one such innovation that has changed the face of communication for once and all. By eliminating the need to invest a huge sum in communication system deployment and maintenance, a cloud phone system enables a business to conduct uninterrupted, unified, and all-inclusive communication without much pocket pinching.

All these reasons clearly explain why cloud telephony has become such a huge success in such a short period. Growing or established businesses are switching their traditional business phone numbers with VoIP –powered numbers and enjoying its abundant benefits.

If you think what wonders cloud telephony can do to your business then here is what you should know –

  • More savings are on your way

One of the key attributes of the failure of a business is the lack of capital. Businesses often struggle hard to keep the expenses low and churn out high ROI. 

With the help of cloud telephony, you can get a hold over this issue. In cloud telephony, the configuration of all the systems required for communications happens on the cloud. Your cloud phone system subscription includes usage, deployment, and maintenance cost. So, you need not spend much on anything.

As cloud telephony works over an internet connection, it brings voice and data communication over a single line and enables you to save a fortune on communication. Also, making calls over an internet connection is far less than the copper-wire based voice signal transmitting.

In the case of PSTN-based communication, you need to get the specified phone system. However, cloud telephony can work over any of the data-driven devices. You need not purchase any specific system. In short, savings are on your way with cloud telephony.

  • You are not out of reach 

For a business, being available around the clock is just the right thing that ensures success. Cloud telephony’s follow me/Find Me feature is what you need to hire for this. By using this facility of your business phone number, you can divert business calls to multiple devices.

For example, the user of Australia’s phone number can divert the calls on an IP desk phone situated in Montreal (514) office and personal mobile phone at the same time ensuring that no call goes unnoticed. When a call comes, both your IP desk phone and mobile phone will ring simultaneously. So, you gain great mobility and be present for your customers around the clock.

  • Unified communication is just a click away

Gone are those days when customers used to contact you through a phone call only. Today, they prefer texting, emailing, voice messages, live chat, and web conferences to get in touch with the business. Doing this is out the capability periphery of the PSTN-based phone system. With cloud telephony, you can do this and many more over a single click.

Your cloud-based business phone number comes with in-build texting, emailing, voicemail, and live chat support. Alongside this, it can establish dedicated call center solutions at any of the remote locations as well.  So, communication is simplified and comprehensive using cloud telephony.

  • Getting detailed call analysis is easy

Calls from customers help a business to build a customer-specific marketing plan, improve the service quality, and create real-time training and learning material for the team. So, it is very important to gather it with full accuracy. With cloud telephony, you can do it without even doing much.

For example, let’s say you set an auto call recording facility on your Australia phone number and get the word-by-word call recording. 

To churn out the data from these recordings, you can use the call analysis facility offered by cloud telephony for this Australia phone number. The in-built reporting tools can capture the data from the recordings and create insightful reports. So, by combining tools, functionality, and operations over a single place, cloud telephony simplifies operations and makes the business a cakewalk.

  • Easy team collaboration 

One of the key factors of every successful business is team collaboration. The better would be the team collaboration the greater would be the chances of success. By offering multiple integrations under one roof, cloud telephony enables a business to have great team collaboration. Many VoIP phone numbers come with in-built CRM, sales & marketing, and financial integration and allow you to do screen sharing and live data sharing which reinforces team collaboration at every level.

In conclusion

Every business strives for success which doesn’t come easily. You need to plan diligently and hire resources that can perform multitasking in less investment. Cloud telephony fits well in all theses parameters and acts as a catalyst for the success of your business. So, don’t wait anymore and embrace it with open arms.

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