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Here is why grit can be important to your success

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My grandmother was born on the kitchen table, had a special baseball cap reserved just for wearing into town and once confused Dom Perignon with a mafia leader. She told me to “suck it up” when I complained about my teachers.

I resented the fact that she didn’t take my side when I came home crying that Mrs. Archie ordered — not asked — me to finish my math homework. It wasn’t that Grandma couldn’t be sweet when she wanted, it was more than she did not suffer fools. She knew that learning can be tough and didn’t have time to waste on a cry-baby who couldn’t take a few knocks.

My grandmother had grit.

Grit is a mindset which means it’s something that it can be developed over time. Once we realize that we have control over the way we think about our obstacles, we have the power to find opportunities in the midst of our adversity. Grit is hefted with determination and resilience. It’s also an unwavering faith to follow through on what we’ve started because it’s something we believe in and is important to us.

People with grit want to better themselves rather than complain about what they don’t have in life. They have the kick-butt attitude that most of us need in today’s world if we want to succeed. A person with a grit-up approach is equipped with tools and strategies to deal with setbacks.

Here are reasons grit can be important to your success:

1. Success doesn’t depend on talent

Not everyone may agree with my grandmother’s attitude toward life, but science is actually proving that grit is a far more reliable predictor of success than intelligence. If you have grit, you’re brave and strong enough to do what it takes to succeed in business and life. It’s a powerful force that allows you to stand out from the crowd even though your skills may not be exceptional.

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