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Here is Why You Get MORE than What You Pay For.

Source | Linkedin.com  |  BY:Oleg Vishnepolsky, Global CTO at DailyMail Online and Metro.Co.Uk

This chart applies to every profession, but it is most pronounced in technical, teaching, medical, law enforcement, sales, recruitment, management, among others:

This chart is supported by numerous studies.

Can productivity be negative ? Sure.

Clients leave, good employees get demotivated and quit, or any of these bad things happen:

An excellent policeman will solve a crime, while a bad one will charge an innocent person. An excellent developer will produce a huge system, while a poor performer will bring it down.

Once in a thousand years bad employees can make a tourist attraction for you such as this Tower of Pisa:

The point of the chart at the top of the article is that we are better off with good employees. Higher compensations are offset by orders of magnitude better output.

Do you agree ?




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