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Here’s how Arthan Careers aims to bring inclusivity in the hiring process at NGOs

Arthan, a technology-driven, socially responsible human capital company, is creating a link between organisations and job seekers. It facilitates inclusive hiring by enabling employers to highlight their preference for special-needs people or women returning from a career break

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The Indian NGO sector is the largest in the world, data suggests. According to a multiphase study undertaken by the Central Statistical Organisation in 2009, India has about 3.3 million NGOs. The final phase of this study in 2012 provided employment details for the sector – about 18.2 million people were employed by the 2.2 million NGOs visited as part of the study.

Social services (37 percent), education and research (24 percent), and culture and recreation (15 percent) accounted for about 76 percent of all activities undertaken by these 2.2 million NGOs. However, the sector was highly male-dominated, with 72 percent men.

The Arthan team aims to equip students with 21st century job skills and ensure inclusivity in hiring.

Deeply passionate about creating a socially impactful organisation that understands and addresses the myriad employment-related challenges of social impact organisations in India, Satyam Vyas, along with Rahul Balakrishnan, Mahamaya Navlakha, and Anchal Kakkar started Arthan Careers.

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