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Here’s how the best teams run their meetings, according to a CEO who is ‘obsessed with productivity’

By | Juliet Funt |

Work meetings can waste a great deal of everyone’s time.

But the goal isn’t to have as few of them as possible. People often like the interaction — and with the right structure and atmosphere, they can be the productive, collaborative and creative highlight of your day. Unfortunately, most people don’t know how to run meetings; they and fail to bring more thoughtfulness to the process.

As a management consultant who is obsessed with productivity and employee happiness, here’s what I’ve learned about how the best teams do it:

1. They ask simplification questions

Before sending an invite, ask yourself the questions below to simplify the meeting and determine what’s truly necessary:

  • “What do I need to know?” This will prompt you to skip meetings where you can easily obtain the information without getting a bunch of people together. If there is a valid purpose, think about what your end goal is (e.g. fresh, creative ideas or a final decision on an important matter).
  • “Who should I invite?” Really think about who is tactically needed. For the most part, only invite a person if they bring expertise or insight that’s relevant, hold sole authority to make a decision, could learn from participating, or when they represent a population affected by the meeting outcome.
  • “Where is ‘good enough,’ good enough?” This will help you streamline agendas and slides so they provide just the right amount of support and direction, without requiring more effort and time than needed.

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