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Here’s How To Empower Your Employees—And Make Them Love You

Source | | Shelcy V. Joseph

Having a good boss is crucial to your success and happiness at work — in fact, the majority of professionals say that it’s essential that they like the person they’d be reporting to when accepting a new job, and two-thirds would even turn down a job offer if they didn’t believe they could respect their new boss.

LinkedIn Learning surveyed over 2,000 professionals to find out the qualities employees want most in a manager. Overwhelmingly, people want a manager to help problem solve the challenges they face. Problem solving (68%) was followed by a manager who can manage time effectively (44%), who’s decisive (41%), and who has empathy (38%) and compassion (36%). 

Managers are definitely in a position to empower their employees in coming up with creative solutions to unexpected problems. When they receive helpful and enthusiastic support from their boss, employees not only tend to feel more engaged at work, but they also apply those skills to helping advance the team.

But with an ever-growing list of responsibilities, bosses may struggle to be there for their employees. That’s why I spoke to Leadership expert Mike Figiuolo and he explained a simple process that managers at leading firms have used to help their employees solve challenges:

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