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Here’s how you can conduct a good board meeting

A well-structured board meeting is crucial for making important decisions, raising issues, and noticing red flags. Best practices include sharing the meeting agenda prior to the event, ensuring operational details are taken care of, addressing existing and new business, facilitating diverse thoughts and brainstorming, and closing the meeting with note-taking and follow-up circulations

Source | | Debleena Majumdar, ET Online

For board members who might be meeting once every quarter or so, the board meeting is one of critical importance.

It is where important issues about the company are raised, decisions are taken and red flags are also noticed.

Given the number and stature of people involved, a board meeting may not be able to accomplish all it needs to if it is not structured well.

Here are some ways to bring structure and clarity to bring the best out of a board meeting.
Agenda for the meeting: Prior to the meeting, it’s best practice to share the agenda. This helps the board members to come prepared, and give the required support and advice.

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