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Here’s the Best Outfit to Wear to a Job Interview, and It’s Probably Already in Your Closet

This fail-proof interview look will boost your confidence and make a great first impression

By | Maggie Seaver |

What’s the weirdest part about deciding what to wear to a job interview? The fact that you don’t need to overthink it—but you also don’t want to underthink it. What you wear matters, but it’s not the only thing that matters. In other words, how you present your inner self—your skills, curiosity, personality, experience, intelligence—shouldn’t come second to what you wear. In a way, what you wear should help highlight your best qualities by making you feel comfortable, confident, and perfect for the role.

Ideally you’ll want to come up with an interview outfit that’s neat (read: more formal than you think), presentable, and professional, without being distracting, over-the-top, or totally out of place. Here to take us through her idea of the perfect interview ensemble is Kim Perell, an entrepreneur, angel investor, national bestselling author, and tech CEO.

Why It Matters What You Wear to an Interview

It makes a solid first impression.

By nature, first impressions tend to be driven by the superficial—at least in part. “Your interview attire is the first impression you’ll give and will set the tone for your interviewer,” Perell says.

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