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Here’s the No. 1 phrase to avoid when you’re angry, says life coach: ‘Never make it personal’

By | Renée Onque |

As much as we’d like to avoid it, people will make us angry. And while that anger is a normal feeling, how you express it can determine if you resolve the problem or make it worse.

Stef Ziev is a life coach who aims to guide people to their life’s purpose. Within that journey, she teaches them how to communicate effectively, even in the face of conflict.

“I think the biggest thing in terms of expression of any feeling in a healthy way is to give it voice, give it a name and acknowledge it,” says Ziev.

Ziev is also the author of “The Choice Is Yours: A Simple Approach to Live and Lead with More Joy, Ease, and Purpose.”

There are some things that Ziev recommends you never say — especially to co-workers or even your boss — when you find yourself in a tough situation that upsets you.

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