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Here’s the real reason you procrastinate | Fuschia Sirois | TEDxNewcastle

Source | YouTube | TEDx Talks

Many believe that laziness, poor time management, or disorganisation are the reasons why people procrastinate. In this talk, Fuschia will explore the science behind why people procrastinate to reveal the “real” reasons why people unnecessarily delay, the toll it can take, and what you can do to reduce procrastination. Fuschia Sirois, PhD, is a Professor in Health & Social Psychology at Durham University. For over 20 years she has researched the causes and consequences of procrastination, and in particular the health consequences of procrastination, as well as how emotions play a key role in explaining why people procrastinate. Her research also examines the role of positive psychology traits, states, and interventions for supporting self-regulation and enhancing health and well-being

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