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Here’s What Candidates Really Think About the Diversity Statements in Your Job Posts

By | Greg Lewis | Content Marketing Manager at LinkedIn

“Diversity and inclusion is more than a statement,” wrote one participant in LinkedIn’s new study on DEI statements in job posts. “A company needs to show how they have embraced diversity and inclusion,” she continued, “not just print the standard blurb on a job description.” 

That message came through loud and clear in this new research. Candidates judge companies on their actions when it comes to diversity and inclusion, not just their statements — but statements still make a difference to candidates, and the “standard blurb” often falls short. 

A generic diversity and inclusion statement paled in comparison to a more “empathetic” DEI statement in our study of LinkedIn members across a range of industries, roles, and career stages. 

The way you write your job description could be the difference between a warm first impression and a negative one. “Actions always speak louder than words,” wrote another participant, “but words are a start.” 

The results of this study and what it means for you

First, let’s cut to the chase and summarize the key results that we’ll describe in more detail later. Here’s what the study suggests:

  • Diversity statements with an empathetic voice and tone are received much more positively than statements that sound generic and boilerplate
  • Even a generic statement is still better than no statement — most people of color in our study had a positive impression of the generic version
  • Many people still doubt that companies are sincere about diversity and inclusion, even if they like the statement in your job description 

Next, some quick context on the study: We surveyed a diverse population of 764 LinkedIn members in the United States, showing each of them two versions of a “diversity statement” that you might find in a job description or job post. 

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