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Here’s What Employees Want From Their Leaders

Hint: It's more than perks and privileges

Source | | John Boitnott

Many employers assume that team members want a good paycheck, health insurance plan and generous vacation time. While those are all important elements of any job, most employees look for more than these traditional perks from their leaders. If you want to build and retain quality teams of talented people, you’ll need to learn what matters most to them.

According to the 2020 Global Culture Report by the O.C. Tanner Institute, certain problems plague employers and their employees across all industries. Researchers studied more than 20,000 employees and leaders all over the world and found that employee burnout is a growing concern. Nearly 80 percent of employees said they’re experiencing “some level of burnout” at work.

This burnout shows that traditional leadership and employment styles aren’t working as well anymore. Literally every entrepreneur I’ve talked to says burnout may be disrupting at least one team member from doing their best work at almost any time. It causes problems because it means they have to always be searching for new talent, and that disrupts execution of projects and overall company cash flow. To prevent burnout and improve employee retention, it’s important to think about employees’s needs now.

Workers want value from their leaders, and they’re looking for an engaging work environment. Below are some of the most important elements great leaders can provide.

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