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Here’s What Happened After a Manager Sent a Mass Email Trashing an Intern (Clue: The Intern Still Works There)

Source | INC : By Chris Matyszczyk

Absurdly Driven looks at the world of business with a skeptical eye and a firmly rooted tongue in cheek.

If you’re as excited as I am that New York Fashion Week is less than a month away, then you’re as excited as an armadillo espying a politician.

Still, there are those for whom this is one of life’s greatest and most pulsating joys. People in the fashion industry, for example.

Paper magazine is one that expertly embraces fashion. It’s a fine publication that featured the most famous image of Kim Kardashian’s bottom that ever graced any magazine cover.

This tale, though, is about a fashion editor who allegedly wrote a bottomlessly snitty email that tossed knitting needles at the effigy of an intern.

As Page Six reported, Paper‘s fashion editor, Paul-Simon Djite, emailed designers–a lot of designers–with the subject line: “Intern trying to bulls**t her way into shows.”

As email subject lines go, this one was surely worth opening.

It concerned an intern called Keirra Webster who had allegedly been RSVPing for shows and claiming she was Djite’s assistant.

Inside his email was a veritable spittoon of vocabulary.

For example: He described Webster as “an intern at PAPER, a real s**t one, and the audacity of this stunt must show you just how switched off the light in her head is. Please note, she is not worthy of your time…burn and dump the corpse of her communications in internet landfill.”

If you’re going to send an email like this–and I’m not suggesting you should–please be sure that the recipients are friends of yours. Very, very good friends.

Does anyone have real friends in fashion? I ask out of naiveté, of course.

It seems that Djite wasn’t done. He also offered: “Such blatant stupidity…who birthed you keirra? they need to put you back in.”

Oh, dear. There was more, and it wasn’t blessed with words of pulchritude. This really was an UGG boot of a missive.

Djite told Page Six that he was “not proud of that email.”

This may have been because Paper‘s co-editor-in-chief, Kim Hastreiter, sent another mass email to the same recipients which said that Webster was just fine and that Djite was not Paper‘s fashion editor anymore.

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