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Here’s what working women in India want in the next 25 years

According to the NSO’s (National Survey Office) Time Use in India survey in 2019, the average time women were spending on unpaid domestic service for household members was three times that of men, while the average time they spent on unpaid caregiving services for household members was nearly double that of men, at 134 minutes vs 76 minutes

Source | | Indulekha Aravind

When Padmaja Narsipur decided to return to fulltime corporate life in Bengaluru after a hiatus to take care of her three young children, she came up against a wall. While the master’s degree holder in computer science had had a thriving career as a consultant handling multiple projects in technical writing, e-learning and digital marketing during her break, prospective employers were unwilling to take that into account and offer adequate compensation. “I was met with scepticism. The offers I was getting was half of what I was earning as a consultant.” Fed up, Narsipur launched her own e-learning and UX company in 2016, which mostly employs women. “I was frustrated with the lack of flexibility and ethics,” says the 49-year-old.

Frustration was what drove Gurgaon-based Nikita Chopra (name changed on request) too. She finished her MBA earlier this year only to quit her job in advertising, a few months in. “I felt that women just don’t get a seat at the table — their contribution is not acknowledged, their time is not respected, and men talk over them — even those junior to me,” says Chopra.

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