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Here’s Why Hustle Culture Is a Big Lie

The social norm of hustle culture is a scam. The only way to ensure continued success is to take great care of yourself, prioritize your health, recharge your relationships and keep your body and mind fresh and energized


The idea of working all day and night in pursuit of extreme success and riches has dominated the entrepreneurial space for years. However, the topic came under national scrutiny recently when new Twitter owner Elon Musk warned employees that they would need to express a willingness to work “hardcore” hours to remain a part of the team.

Unfortunately, it’s not just Elon. This message is everywhere. Social media is overflowing with motivational speeches of hustle gurus promoting waking up at 3:00 a.m. to get ahead of the next person. But this incessant grind isn’t sustainable for high-earning entrepreneurs who want to stay successful. That’s a path to burnout. Instead, I suggest you carve out time to focus on your health, relationships and maximizing your talents. Let’s break down why, along with some advice on setting yourself up for success that includes your life outside work.

Recharging relationships

If you’ve overfocused on your business, and your relationships have fallen by the wayside, there are a few steps you can take to get things back on track. Firstly, tighten your circle by identifying the most important people in your life. Who matters most to you and deserves more quality time with you? Once you’ve determined that inner circle, it’s time to set aside non-negotiable, uninterrupted time to recharge these relationships. Schedule this time into your calendar, and treat it as a meeting with a client or investor.

Aim to be fully present and in the moment to maximize this quality time with family and friends. Set boundaries for yourself (e.g., no distractions, outside emails, text messages or phone calls). Don’t allow work to bleed into this time. Let someone else handle the business interruptions for you. Show your people that you care about them. Inner-circle relationships deserve your full and undivided attention. And don’t think about this as a temporary solution to strengthen old bonds. Make this your M.O. moving forward, and set an example for those who look up to you.

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