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Here’s Why Personal Development Should Be the Ultimate Inspiration in Your Life

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A lot of us live a major portion of our lives running the rat race, where all we’re doing is fiercely and blindly competing with our peers and associates. While having a sense of competition allows you to push your limits, having an understanding of what a healthy competition means is also important. Additionally, it’s also important to know who it is you really need to compete with.

Ernest Hemingway once said, “There’s nothing noble in competing with your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.” This really puts things into perspective. Coming out of a debilitating life situation a couple of years back, I was left questioning my identity. With all those years that seemed wasted, stuck in a deadlock situation doing nothing seemingly productive, the feelings of being “left behind” and having lost control over my life started to take over. This is where I learned the power of self-improvement.

You see, self-improvement enables you to admit and embrace your shortcomings rather than being ignorant and sweeping them under the carpet. It also allows you to realize that you’re actually not made to compete with others but to compete with your own self – be a better version of yourself than who you were the day before. This is what inspires you to work on yourself – to face the demons that reside within you and fix them to change your tomorrow for the better. 

This article will help you internalize why personal development should be your priority and ultimate inspiration in life. 

1. You get to explore and figure out your life purpose

The truth is that when you’re living a directionless life, you’ll keep wavering from one direction to another and never be satisfied. As humans, we’re always looking for ideas and inspiration to improve our personal and professional lives. However, this can only happen if you know yourself first.

Being on a “journey” of self-development allows you to see what your beliefs and values are, what you’re passionate about, and what you want out of your life. I call personal development a journey because it takes years and years to discover your inner strengths and capabilities.

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