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Here’s Why This Firm Will Lose the War for Talent and Fail

By | Art Petty |

I received a call recently from a former colleague who was excited about an interview with a large company for a big-sounding job. The role was to build out a new facility and bring it online, and the job requirements suggested an experienced senior leader and facilities manager.

This individual happens to have almost 30 years of experience building and operating facilities in this and related industries. The fit sounded perfect. FYI, the individual has a job with a good company, but like so many others, is interested in exploring new challenges. Additionally, my former colleague was excited about the reputation of the company.

What Happened is Amazing in a Horrifying Way

When we caught up a week later, here’s what I learned:

The initial call was with one of the firm’s recruiters, who indicated it was his role to decide if there was a fit and pass the candidate along to interview with the hiring team. After brief introductions, the recruiter/screener volunteered that the salary indicated in the job specification was THE salary and that the firm’s vacation policy was non-negotiable.

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