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Highly successful people master these 3 skills, say bestselling authors Brené Brown and Simon Sinek

By | Ashton Jackson |

The skills that can make you highly successful aren’t necessarily innate. You can practice them, and get better at them.

That’s according to bestselling authors and leadership researchers Brené Brown and Simon Sinek, who sat down with Wharton organizational psychologist Adam Grant for a recent episode of his “ReThinking” podcast.

“They’re skills that are observable, measurable, teachable — we can practice them,” Brown said.

Specifically, Sinek and Brown highlighted three soft skills that highly successful people tend to share:

  1. Public speaking
  2. Boundary setting
  3. Vulnerability

Cultivating these skills can be tough. If they don’t come naturally to you, it means getting out of your comfort zone and opening yourself up to external judgment.

Here’s how to practice them as comfortably as you can, according to Brown and Sinek.

Public speaking

Public speaking can help boost your confidence levels and leadership skills, according to Stanford University Graduate School of Business organizational behavior lecturer Matt Abrahams, who referenced a corporate study of more than 100,000 professional presentations in a 2016 university blog post.

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