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Hire a Dedicated Software Team – It Will Pay Off

By | Danila Petrova | Editor

What does it mean to have a dedicated Software Team?

To have a successful business depends on technology more than ever. It depends on the tools you use internally in the organization to have a consistent and reliable workflow.

The business also relies on how accessible it is to end clients which ultimately integrate the service digitally. Hiring a dedicated team has become a widely used business model for production as it has several potential benefits. There are different ways in which you can arrange your product to be developed by a dedicated team specifically for it.

Serve your niche industry

Each industry has niche problems and demands tailored solutions that can fit perfectly and assist the process along. Right now, for example, custom healthcare software industry would be more than beneficial to the overall worldwide situation. With the spread of the coronavirus and the increased risk of distribution with person-to-person contact going to the doctor for aches that are not time-sensitive could easily cause more harm than good.

Some of the solutions that could assist the situation could be:

  • Remote diagnostic tools such as equipment that can collect adequate and reliable information on key metrics for overall health such as blood pressure, temperature, pulse rate etc. This information can be then discussed with a doctor remotely and land on a possible treatment plan that does not put the patient or any of their relatives to exposure with the virus.
  • Broadcasting systems are hardly new, but there are far more resources that could assist society if shared. On the flip side, online diagnostics consultations should have a way to be validated to avoid wrong treatment.
  • Educational platforms geared towards educating the people all over the world on prevention, prophylactics as well as what measures to take to address health issues without risking further exposure to the virus.

Each niche industry can benefit from specifically geared to them

How does Having a Dedicated Team Pay Off in Software Development

The efficiency of a well-oiled machine

As a part of a growing Outsourcing company with years of experience, I have observed the way that developers operate when they are experienced, organized and have a strong professional attitude.

Putting together a team to get the work done is an option, but there is a large risk they may run into issues such as people who do not work well together, having to establish all of the salary, benefits, compensation, culture, team building aspects of employee management. This takes even more time from your business that can be delegated.

Hiring a dedicated team through outsourcing allows you to get the most out of the team dynamic set in place beforehand. The development team has years of experience under their belt, not only in the industry but also as a collective of those specific individuals. This also means that when hiring new personnel all of those factors are taken into consideration and covered completely by the company. Any changes that need to be made happen much quicker as this is the main focus and religiously maintained.

Focus on Software Product

You want a strong product that can either completely replace the internal tools you use or integrate with them in a way that is efficient and easy to use. Then allow a team to focus a hundred per cent of their efforts on developing that product for your business. Hiring odd numbers of people to fill the shoes and make improvements one step at a time on a patch-work basis is really not going to do you any favours. Nor will it meet your expectations and make the changes you need.

Focus on Business

While you let the team do the jobs you hired them to do, you can fixate your attention on the business and entrepreneurial needs. You can be demanding of what you expect and want the product to do while having a good line of communication so that the team is aware of what is important for your business.


The IT Scene is dynamic at all times and demands a quick and adequate response to the changes in order to be able to push out the product on time to service the niche market. That being said, the most reliable way to make sure this happens is to hire highly experienced professionals or delegate the work to a team that has experience navigating the quick-pace of the changes and respond accordingly.

To sum up

There are many reasons why you would or would not want to take the approach of having a dedicated development team. But regardless of what decision you land on for the sake of your company or project, you should consider your options. Read up on what the different ways you can execute this are. Do your research as to what you should look for in a company when taking the first step.

Take your time choosing the right partners. This is what will determine your success when developing software. The stronger your professional relationship with them the higher the chances to be happy with the end result. Not to mention building a long-term relationship with reliable partners that can come in handy as you choose to scale up!

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