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Hire for potential, groom for performance

Source | LinkedIn | Aniisu K Verghese | I help organizations and individuals discover and develop their ‘sweet-spot’ through effective communications

The panel was undecided about two candidates they planned to hire. According to them, one was arrogant and the other was docile. They needed someone who straddled two extremes of the personality spectrum. This case study – Congenial or Docile – Whom Must We Hire? received interesting viewpoints from readers. Thank you Amrita, MuraliAnneshaIndranil and Vikram for sharing your valuable insights.

Some believed a person who can ‘get the job done’ mattered more than the ‘attitude’. Others felt it made sense to assess how they culturally ‘fit’ into the organization. Yet choosing a candidate based on just an hour of interviewing could lead to biases.

While finding the best fit isn’t always possible due to the numerous factors at play – the presence of talent in the market, the level, the candidates’ expectations, the role, the evolving business climate, competition and much more.

Considering all the variables in the mix, getting bogged down by personality traits can be a challenge.  If you have overcome the skills assessment and have the right candidates to evaluate, then the key aspects to look at is their aptitude in problem solving, working in a team and communication.

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