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Hire Leaders for What They Can Do, Not What They Have Done

Source | Linkedin | Ruchi Batra

Three questions to ask about each candidate.

1. Does the candidate have the skills to be a high-performing contributor or the skills to be an effective leader?

Great leaders are able to remain open and to adapt, no matter how experienced they are. They succeed because they are able to continually learn.

This has been proved in many situations, particularly in the area of sales. A recent academic study of over 200 firms found that performance as a salesperson was negatively correlated with performance as a sales manager. If you promote your number one salesperson to management, you create two problems: You lose your top salesperson and you gain a poor manager.

2. Can I really trust this candidate’s individual performance measures?

Many organizations promote people into leadership positions because they “create the right impression,” even if their actual contributions are minimal.

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