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Hiring Managers Want Workers With ChatGPT Experience, New Survey Says

Of the hiring managers surveyed, 91% said it would be "important" for entry-level candidates to have ChatGPT experience by 2024


Key Takeaways

  • As AI chat becomes integrated into our daily lives, entry-level positions are looking for people who have experience using the technology.

Earlier this month, asked 1,000 hiring managers about the importance of AI chat in the workplace, specifically ChatGPT.

To take part in the survey, the hiring managers had to, at the very least, know what ChatGPT was — and only 87% of those asked knew the answer. The remaining managers were asked if ChatGPT experience was important for entry-level positions and if they thought college students should invest in learning the technology.

  • 94% recommended that college students take coursework on ChatGPT.
  • 91% said “by next year” it will be important for entry-level candidates to have ChatGPT experience.

Most of the hiring managers surveyed said it would be “beneficial” for a candidate to have ChatGPT experience, and 91% said their company is offering some sort of AI chatbot training.

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“For entry-level positions, we strongly prefer candidates who have experience working with ChatGPT and other AI technologies,” said Alex Mastin, CEO and founder of Home Grounds, an online coffee site, per

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