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Hiring MBAs anyone…?

Source | youtube : Ashish Kolvalker

Recently I had been to an MBA campus for hiring Management Trainees for Sales. The campus was non-Premiere but a decently known institute in one of India’s metros. I was campus hiring after a very long time. We were among the last companies to arrive at the campus scene and a lot of the companies had already had had their pick from this one. So in essence, the non-placed students were those who had attempted several company processes but had not made through.

I was in a for rude shock. After we finished the well-managed Pre-Placement Talk which gave the students an idea about our company, their growth path and about the Sales Trainee Boot Camp (and also having provided details of a pay package which was much more than the average at that campus), around 20% of the students who had initially applied withdrew their applications. Our questions to the Placement Committee were unanswered – my primary question being ‘Aren’t these the students who have not been placed, and the placement season is coming to an end? Then why would they even think of withdrawing applications?’  In absence of proper replies, I am going to rhetoric for you readers – ‘High attitude!’, ‘A lot of choices other than regular campus offers?’, ‘Millennials? Who understands them?’ ‘Personal preferences’, as I didn’t really see anything around ‘not a great brand name’, ‘not a good salary package’, ‘this ain’t the industry I wana head to…’

Flashback to my own MBA stint – one of the best Premiere campuses in India. Our Summer Placements in 2007 had been one of the best in the history of the institute with a lot of students landing multiple offers, spot offers and so on. The approach was serious and dedicated. Every Business Leadership Talk we attended, every Placement Presentation was full house. The atmosphere was highly competitive. After the all-time great Final Placements for our seniors, we were all on a high. The countdown for our own Placements already began early 4th trimester .

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