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Hiring Smart People… dont strip them of their originality

Very well said. Most of the times,  we hire smart people and then mold them to our ways, our culture and stifle them and strip them of their originality. We spend a fortune many times in inducting new talents after paying huge switch premiums at all levels.  We spend loads of time, money & effort in Inducting them into the organisation and orienting them with the way of working in the organisation. During the process knowingly or unknowingly we strip them of their originality and the value they bring to the table. No wonder there is so much of “infant mortality” in organisations.

Whats the point in paying so much, acquiring new talents and then wanting them to conform to our old way of working or is it that we want to hear and are in love with  “our own voice”

The same is true of mergers & acquisition. We acquire a company because we see a value in them but after acquiring them, we stifle them and strip them of their value in our quest to integrate them into our organisation and to exercise control. In the garb of standardization & harmonization we run the risk of stripping their uniqueness and the very reason we have acquired them. I know one organisation where I was working as Head of HR and our organisation got acquired, the Country President of the New Organisation that acquired us once said in a Open Forum addressing all senior HR Leaders that “remember xxxx acquired AAA and its not that AAAA acquired xxxxx“. The message was curt and very clear – “you better toe in line” and know who your new Master is……

But how may Hiring Managers, Organisations and Leaders can swallow their pride and listen to these newly acquired talents and heed their advise. Well thats why Steve Jobs is what he is and there is no equal to Apple today ………..


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