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[ad_1] The current global recession had been putting a lot of strain on all employed persons, particularly on lower and middle income people and working mothers. Retrenchments and layoffs had been addressed in sharp drop in income levels in many families.

Even those who are still employed find reduction in salaries due to the loss in company revenues. Here, learning a livelihood, as well as making some extra money, had assumed importance now. In such a bleak scenario, home business offers a golden opportunity to make ends meet in several households.

Here is a list of home business possibilities that you could consider:

  • Selling products on eBay
    – Affiliate marketing business
    – Direct sales business and promotional products business
    – Coaching and children's tutoring business
    – Web designing and web hosting
    – General transcription, medical transcription, and legal transcription business
    – Virtual assistant business
    – Copy writing, blog writing, and ghost writing business
    – Software programming and computer support business
    – Making products from home, like soap, candle, embroidery, candy wrapping, gift basket supply, catering, party supply, etc.
    – Accounting and bookkeeping business
    – Mystery shopping
    – Home based secretarial business
    – Internet research business

    eBay Marketing

    One of the best home businesses with a bright future is eBay marketing. Thousand of products are available on eBay through fixed price selling and auction-type trading. It is quite easy to learn how to sell products in eBay. You should start with the products that you are completely familiar with, preferably the ones that you could push to your friends and relatives initially. You could use the message boards and networks of eBay, yahoo and MSN to create publicity to your products. You could also write blogs and reply to blogs related to your products.

    Precautions in Products Selling Business

It is also important that the products you sell on…

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