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Home office recycling bins: Why you need more than one recycling bin

By | John Ramirez | KremSoft

Most people these days are working from home due to the pandemic. This means they produce less waste and often end up using only one waste bin. What people don’t realize is that even in a home office, you need to do your part when it comes to saving the environment. This is why you need a few different home office recycling bins.

If you work in an office that is conscious of its part in helping save the planet, then you will have noticed a variety of litter bins around your workplace. If you think the commercial pedal bin you see near your desk at work is the same as the one in the copier room, think again. Try to envision the bins all over your place of work and you will notice one thing – these come in different colours.

What the varying colours of recycling bins mean

Whether you are thinking of buying home office recycling bins or are recollecting the bins at work, you will notice that these come in a few distinct colours. These colours come with meanings. Here are some of the common meanings associated with these litter bins:

  • Red Bins – Red litter bins are designed for use with general waste. These are also called landfill only bins or bins for non-recyclables. The entire bin can be coloured in red or some part of it is in red. This is to indicate its use. You can also find some bins with words on it to remind you what the bin is for.
  • Blue Bins – These bins are used for disposing of paper and cardboard waste. Just like the red litter bins, these can come with the bin coloured totally in blue or in another colour but with blue accents. At work, you can find the commercial pedal bin used for this type of waste in areas where paper is mostly found, like copier rooms, mailrooms, and stock rooms.
  • Green Bins – Green coloured bins are usually located in parts of the office where you will find organic food waste. This means these can be found in office cafeterias and pantries. Just like other waste bins, you can find this in a full green guise or in black with green accents to indicate what it is for.
  • Yellow Bins – The yellow garbage bin is used to hold mixed recyclable trash. Anything that can be recycled can be tossed into a bin with this colour. This can include paper, cardboard, aluminium, glass, and metal. You can find a commercial pedal bin at work with either a yellow top or in full yellow for this purpose.

Why you should follow the colour coding bin system at home

Working from home does not excuse you from doing your part in saving the planet. Using home office recycling bins in the same colours, such as the ones you find at work, is one way you can do this. You can also purchase bins that are manufactured with the environment in mind.

With sustainability and saving the planet at the core of what they do, Ecobin creates recycling bins using less water and electricity than other standard plastic bin manufacturers.


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