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Hope – The Womb of Optimism

By | Adil Malia |

The uncertain world today, has questions for tomorrow. But the answers are unknown. Even the leader doesn’t exactly know the answers. But a leader’s hopeful outlook enables the team to see beyond today’s challenges in search of tomorrow’s answers.

Hope keeps us believing and expecting that out of today’s darkness, tomorrow’s light will shine brightly. And that expectation keeps one going on even in the darkest night, in most uncertain times.

‘Hope’ is derived from the old English word ‘hopian’…leaping forward with expectation. Hope therefore has to do with being able to evaluate, recover from discouragement, and hold onto the vision of what can be. It is an emotional magnet that keeps people going even in the midst of toughest challenges.

Hope is that imaginary pillar that holds the collapsing structure in your mind for tomorrow so that you can start your construction for tomorrow in that direction.

You ask me – what is the single most critical delivery of a leader ??? I would say delivery of hope in uncertain times !

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