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“Horrible IT companies sacking people”​: WAKE-UP call to 4 things that will change in the FUTURE OF WORK

Source | LinkedIn : By Swati Jena

We fear job loss almost as much as death.

It is natural. Job loss at the first level means a drop in the standard of living. Specially in debt-driven-lifestyle countries like US where the situation can change from going-out-every-weekend to homeless-defaulting-on-mortgage overnight. The Florida Tent City is a testimony to this phenomenon. So many working professionals, who had decent lives, had to take refuge when the downturn changed their lives overnight.

Unfortunately, even countries like India, whose traditional money values have been “living within means” and “debt-only-if-unavoidable” have begun to imitate the American money values. Previous generations of Indians never saw credit cards and installments as a gateway to “happiness”. Therefore, today, even in countries like India, job loss threatens to destroy a comfortable lifestyle in no time.

Recently, lay-offs by IT companies in India have been in news. Some articles even called these companies “horrible” and were published with woeful employee testimonies stating how they had given their life to the organization, which made them work 12 hours a day, and yet threw them out of job conveniently – when the time came.

Feelings of panic and apprehension are very natural. However, anger and criticism may not be of much use for one simple reason.

That is, the layoffs are perhaps not a mere one-time occurrence, but an indication of what the “future of work” may be like.

Not just for the ones who got laid off, but everyone.

Following are 4 changes we might want to brace ourselves up for:

#1 – Shorter career-spans

We grew up thinking careers last for 20-30 years, atleast. That is because we saw our previous generations have that kind career runway. But increasingly, that is being proven wrong.

Merrium Webster defines career as:

A field for or pursuit of consecutive progressive achievement especially in public, professional, or business life; A profession for which one trains and which is undertaken as a permanent calling.

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