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How 3 Indian brands used online video to drive business results

Source | | Richa Suri Malhotra

As more brands realize the growing appeal of online video among Indian consumers, many are experimenting with new ways of amplifying their creative insights and inspiring viewers in key moments at scale. Here, Richa Suri, Google India’s product marketing manager for YouTube ads, and Meet Paswan, Google India’s associate marketing manager for YouTube ads, share some examples of brands in different industries that used online video to drive results at every step of the consumer journey.

Thanks to India’s skyrocketing population of smartphone users and increasingly affordable data, online video accounts for more than 70% of the country’s total data usage.1 Indian consumers are spending more time watching content on their own terms, on platforms where they can conveniently learn new skills, discover the latest products, and keep up with their favorite artists and content creators.


When 265M Indians turn to YouTube every month,2 we know they’re attentive and engaged because they start watching for a reason — whether they want to be inspired, empowered, informed, or entertained. In those moments where online video enters the picture, viewers are driven by clear intent. Brands with video-first strategies to tap into that intent have the power to drive real, measurable results with their creative.

Here, see how a few Indian brands across different industries have used online video to quickly raise awareness, stay top of mind with new customers, and drive conversions from high-intent viewers.

Dettol captures attention by timing its creative with Kumbh Mela

Kumbh Mela, a Hindu religious pilgrimage, is a time when the faithful come together in Uttar Pradesh to bathe in the sacred Triveni Sangam — the confluence of the Ganges, Yamuna, and Saraswati rivers. In 2019, the event attracted millions of visitors as the main festival site became a hub for all activity for nearly three months.

As massive crowds came together for the festival, popular hygiene brand Dettol tapped into the heightened awareness about personal hygiene with a combination of YouTube creative. The brand ran TrueView discovery ads on YouTube’s home feed to reach viewers as they scrolled through organic content and served bumper ads with copy highlighting Dettol liquid soap’s low price, long-lasting effects, and, most importantly, hygienic benefits.

Dettol’s “Hygiene” creative: “10 times better security than bar soap.”

The timely combination of creative during the festival quickly connected Dettol with a huge audience. The brand reached three million consumers in just the first three days. After the full 11-day campaign was completed, Dettol had reached more than 90% of its intended viewers — six million people in total. And on top of being seen by millions, the brand’s “Hygiene” bumper alone drove a 13% lift in purchase consideration.

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