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How a Negative Outplacement Experience Can Hurt Your Business

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Outplacement: in everyday use, the word is often a kinder replacement for terms such as “laid-off” or “downsizing,” both of which have a bit of negative stigma and a touch of fear associated with them. Outplacement, by definition, means “the provision of assistance to laid-off employees in finding new employment,” but we think it goes a little further than that – at least it should. 

In human terms, losing one’s job often means more than a loss of income; it can also mean a loss of one’s stability, security, and even dignity. The result can include everything from anxiety and sadness to physical symptoms such as headache and weight changes. The loss of a predictable day compounded with the loss of purpose, belonging, and challenges associated with the former position can leave people debilitated, and that feeling grows steadily with each new day that doesn’t bring a meaningful job offer.

Humanizing the outplacement experience will not only improve the outcomes of those who have been let go, but it will also dramatically improve the experience for those employees who were not let go. Purpose-driven outplacement is more cost-effective for the company, more secure for current employees and more gracious for those who must move on.

Failing to deliver this can have disastrous consequences for your business.

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