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<p>Shrijata Basu Saha, Director - Global HR, iMerit</p>
Shrijata Basu Saha, Director – Global HR, iMerit

By Shrijata Basu Saha

A lot has changed over the past two years: the way we work and how teams and companies function. The human resource function has been under immense pressure to keep up with these fast-paced transformations. This is also a period for reinventing HR to add more value to people and businesses. Organisations are now increasingly adopting technology for HR departments to automate and streamline processes.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to lead to a variety of positive results in HR departments. Deploying AI can help HR professionals stay on the top of trends, analyse employee sentiments, streamline talent acquisition and onboarding as well as detect patterns to determine actionables.

The need for AI in HR

Workplaces have evolved dynamically. They are increasingly dispersed and no longer confined to offices and cubicles, making it challenging for the HR department to communicate, connect and engage with employees. Moreover, on an average, the typical ratio of business HR to employee is high and the connections prevalent now through calls, meetings and chats add to the complexity and time consumption.

Beyond automation and streamlining of the processes, AI can analyse a wide range of data and inputs regarding employee behaviour to spot patterns and generate insights that enable good decision-making in a timely manner. AI solutions can thus transform…

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