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How AI will transform talent management

By | Mastufa Ahmed |

More organisations are implementing artificial intelligence (AI) to better understand data – gathered from various employee life-cycle touchpoints, and improve aspects such as employee experience. To learn more about how AI and advanced analytics are transforming the HR landscape, we spoke with Rohini Singh, the Chief People Officer of Fractal, a leading AI & analytics firm with 3600+ employees worldwide. Edited excerpts:

One area which has seen huge investment from organisations is talent acquisition. Moving forward, how and where will AI add value to talent management in 2022?

There is a range of data that HR team amasses during the course of hiring, promotions, and employee life-cycle patterns. Our best bet is to use AI to better understand this data to enhance aspects such as employee experience and how we view and segment our talent for growth. Another way to leverage this is by capturing future trends around what your people are responding to more as opposed to less and using this to better predict the chances of success of any interventions that are brought in.

Secondly, with traditional structures giving way to more fluid cross-functional teams, we can capitalise on AI through additional means like:

Instant, Continuous and Effective Feedback – Imagine getting instant feedback on every interaction at work. Soliciting instant/continuous feedback is something most organisations have moved to. However, making this feedback impactful would mean being able to derive insights at an individual level which in turn can be linked to development & growth.

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