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How Amazon India is adding Diverse, Equitable and Inclusive talent to their workforce?

Every individual offers a unique perspective to the workplace and adds immense value – With this belief, Amazon India has been building a diverse, equitable and inclusive workforce across its operations network

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Over the last few years, Amazon India has launched multiple initiatives to bring diversity, equity and inclusion in the workforce. This includes women-operated and owned delivery station in Chennai and Kadi, Gujarat; centres run and managed by transgender individuals; silent delivery stations in Mumbai; and Military Veterans Employment Program to name a few. Amazon India also launched an all-women Virtual Customer Service (VCS) facility in Bengaluru recently reaffirming its commitment to empower women with flexible and safe livelihood opportunities.

With many such new inclusions, Swati Rustagi, Director HR, Amazon India Operations came on board for a candid conversation with BW Businessworld’s Correspondents to elaborate more upon many such initiatives taken for Amazon India’s employees.

1. What are Amazon’s plans to nurture its pool of talent?

At Amazon, we maintain a high bar for talent to stay ahead of ever-evolving customer expectations. Finding the right people and investing in their growth is essential to build a team that is constantly innovating on behalf of customers. 

We work relentlessly to define products and programs that enable us to objectively identify top talent and ensure that we provide crucible experiences to our talent for them to be the best version of themselves. Leadership efforts are concentrated around removing barriers for talent to perform at the highest bar, enable talent to explore boundaries they may have defined for themselves , encourage them to risk, to fail and learn from their actions so they build ability to make high judgement decisions and lead at scale. 

In line with our leadership principles of hire and develop the best, our leaders constantly look to hire people who are smarter than they are, thereby, raising the performance bar to collectively grow. 

At Amazon, the relentless pursuit to drive a higher customer impact means we have a dedicated team that constantly innovates, using research and insights around talent internal and external to Amazon to set in motion the  ‘Talent fly wheel’, empowering employees to continuously improve their skills and grow by increasing the scope and opportunity for them to demonstrate performance.  

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