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How an Ownership Mentality Supports Cultural Transformation

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Corporate culture is the self-reinforcing web of beliefs, practices, patterns, and behaviors that become “the way things are done around here.” Leaders’ own conscious and unconscious beliefs drive behaviors, and repeated behaviors become cultural norms.

That’s why changing a long-established organizational culture is so tough. But when the business landscape radically changes, culture must change, too.

In an effort to better understand when and how corporate cultures change, CCL and corporate leaders surveyed a group of global VPs and directors in HR, Learning & Development, Leadership, and Talent Management.

The results were telling. As organizations adapt in the face of change, employees need strong leaders who can clearly communicate the new direction, align the company’s resources, and get commitment from everyone involved.

Why do companies change their culture? According to the survey results, the 3 biggest drivers of cultural transformation are:

  • Internal redefinition of the company’s business model, goals, or performance levels;
  • Maintaining a market position under intense pressure; and
  • Technology trends.

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