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How automation can mend leaky holes in the HR budget

Source | | Andrew White | ANZ Country Manager at Signavio

Mistakes are inevitable and in the world of human resources, no one is immune. When dealing with large amounts of employee data or undertaking monotonous, repetitive work in high volumes, mistakes can seem like particularly common occurrences, but with negligible impact. However, amassed over time, even small mistakes can build up to become an excruciatingly costly problem for businesses.

Despite the technologies available to us today, businesses still shudder at the word ‘automation’, dreading that its implementation will lead to job losses and an eventual takeover by fearsome robotic overlords.

The fact is, however, automation is here to help – not hinder – our burgeoning human workforce.

Human errors affect the bottom line more than we think

Reveal Group for example, is leading the way in robotic process automation (RPA) deployment. One client of theirs, a leader in shared services, saw losses of up to $80,000 a year due to a number of small mistakes that occurred around their employee exit and termination processes.

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