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How autonomous decision-making will unleash your organization’s agility

Source | | Nerys Mutlow

‘All roads lead to Rome.’

This common phrase encapsulates how most organizations function today.

Decision-making is centralized in one seat of power – just like in Rome.

Accountability and responsibility flow upwards, and those at the outer-reaches of the organization have little say in what happens to them.

Like the saying, the model is incredibly familiar – and somewhat archaic.

And as companies need to be increasingly adaptive and responsive in order to grow – or just stay relevant – this set-up becomes less practical.

You end up disempowering the very people you need to make your business successful.

So, it’s time to break away from Rome!

Enabling smart, autonomous decision-making will allow your business to attain new levels of agility – as I’ll explain in this blog post.

The illusion of control

One of the biggest problems with centralized decision-making is only some of your staff get to have responsibility.

How many organizations have you been in where goals cascaded down to you without your involvement?

Did those goals ever stick?

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