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How being creative breeds more creativity

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“Turning an idea in your head into a tangible reality is one of life’s great satisfactions, whether the end result is a story, a photograph, a meal, or a business.” I love the way Chase Jarvis thinks about creativity – as a daily pursuit, as a tool to be sharpened, as a way of living life. 

There are all sorts of ways to be creative, and they all take practice. We go from being endlessly creative as children to having the habit knocked out of us through the education system and, and too often, the workplace. We’ve seen this time and again through the research of Big Change, which works to prepare young people for life, not just exams.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. The more actively creative we are on a day-by-day scale, the more positively we will think, the more agency we will have – and the more creative we will become.

Richard Branson and Chase Jarvis

In Chase’s new book, Creative Calling, he argues that creativity is essential to our health and wellbeing – ‘as natural as breathing’. It comes to us all in various ways. I find I can be creative in an entrepreneurial fashion – building brands, looking at problems from different angles, taking on challenges in new ways. My sister is more of a traditional creative, producing beautiful artworks and photographs.

Chase himself is a great example of how being creative can breed more creativity. We’ve known each other for many years, and I’ve seen him flourish as an artist, an entrepreneur, a host for many Virgin events and discussions, and even an impromptu photographer on a visit to our New York office! I’m also an investor in his company, CreativeLive, and you can listen to us discuss business and life over on his podcast.

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