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How Burned-Out Workers Are Jump-Starting Their Careers

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Plenty of professionals are resetting with mid-career internships.

The old tradition of sticking with one or two major employers over a lifetime and eventually retiring with a gifted gold watch to enjoy grandkids and travel is no longer the reality for most of us. Workers who fall within the younger end of the baby-boomer generation will hold an average of 12 jobs over their lives. For millennials, the numbers are even higher. Almost half of them will quit their jobs by 2021, according to a 2019 Deloitte survey.

The simple truth is that most of us don’t like our first adult jobs enough to stick with them for decades. At some point, many of us find ourselves longing for a sea change in terms of position, job duties, industry or all three. But one way to effectively explore career changes that’s growing in popularity is the concept of a mid-career internship. Here’s what these internships look like, and how to tell if they’re a good choice for you or your company. 

Internship, Minternship, Returnship — What’s the Difference?

The traditional internship model describes a work experience that’s part education and part transition. These interns are generally filled by college students or recent graduates and helps these young workers transition into their first professional experience. Mid-career internships, sometimes referred to as “minternships,” turn that model around by targeting a different kind of transition. They’re filled by workers with some amount of experience, perhaps 10 years or even more. These workers are exploring new possibilities, just like traditional interns, but the transition is from one industry into another or from one job path into another.

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